Business Development Blawgs

This series of blawgs on business development for lawyers originally appeared in the California Minority Counsel Program newsletters, and is also archived on their site (www.cmcp.org).

Time for an Empathy Adjustment

I could blame the hot weather for making me cranky, but I think it’s something else.  I’ve had too many conversations with lawyers this year about the difficulties of being heard, being acknowledged, and being fairly compensated.  Even for my coaching clients who are...

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Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.

In case you’ve ever been worried about being different from everyone else in your law firm or company, I’ll encourage you to follow Oscar Wilde’s advice.  You really can’t be anyone but yourself, and isn’t this the point of having diversity and inclusion initiatives? ...

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Does Every Request Deserve a Yes?

I have a rule for some of my high-achieving coaching clients.  They are not allowed to say “yes” to any new project or task until they have thought about it for 24 hours.  In the context of business development, you might think this is a strange rule.  Normally, I...

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Is it Time for a Mid-Year Correction?

Somehow, the year is half over. Have you completed 50% of the business development tasks you planned on for 2015? Or have you been focused only on billable hours? If you are like most of my coaching clients, you probably have a long list of calls you meant to make,...

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Simply Taking Action Will Build Your Confidence

An attorney I’ve known for many years asked me to create a workshop on confidence. She recommended that I read “The Confidence Code” by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman. Although the book was written specifically for women, I found that much of the information and advice...

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Business Development, One Page at a Time

At the CMCP 25th Anniversary Business Conference in October, speaker Marissa Dennis from Allen Matkins made a wonderful statement about her business development efforts. She said, “I don’t have a book of business. I have pages.” Having met Marissa, I suspect that...

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